Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Positive Outlook

I have had many people comment on my positive outlook on things in times of great pain and suffering. Let me tell you this, it isn't easy! I have said before that my first reaction is to go to the negative, to think the absolute worst will happen.

I have made a decision in my life, to think of how I am blessed. I have a fantastic family, my husband and children are amazing and their love for me is enough to remind me of joy. I have an incredible mother and siblings, I know that they "have my back" if I need anything at all. I have friends that I know would do anything for me and are a great support. I have a heavenly father that loves me unconditionally and only wants the best for me as I fulfill His purpose.

I could think about all the bad that has come into my life, evil things even. I could say, why me? I could lament that it isn't fair and that no one should go through any of these things, let alone ALL of them. Would this help the situation? Would these make me heal faster? Would it change the outcome? Would I feel better?


Studies have shown how a positive attitude can help in the healing process. I choose to be happy, to seek joy, to count my blessings if you will.

That is how I maintain a positive attitude. This isn't to say that there are days that I am down and angry, I just choose to acknowledge those feelings and move on. Feel free to join me on my journey to discovering joy, it can't hurt, can it?

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