Friday, January 28, 2011

In the Mirror

I gaze into the looking glass,
Trying hard not to gasp.
What happened to the girl I was?
Why is there a little peach fuzz?
I wonder why the wrinkles came?
Why time took hold of my frame?
I see spots that were never there,
I see my sad and thinning hair.
The hooded look of my eyes,
The definite broadening of my thighs.
The lost firmness of my gut,
The sagginess of my butt.
I see someone I barely know,
But then I see that same old glow.
My smile may have more lines,
But I really feel that is fine.
I show the years upon my self,
I show it as upon a shelf.
I wear my scars with great pride,
I have nothing that I'd like to hide.
I may not have the shine of youth,
I may have lost a spark or two.
I am me and I am proud to say,
I am the me I am today.

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