Thursday, January 20, 2011

Going Someplace New

I don't deal well with going someplace I have never been before. I am self-conscious, and nervous. I like to know exactly what to do and where to go and who to speak to. I do know that this seems bizarre to most people, but it is my reality. I do deal with it and just go, but it makes me so uncomfortable.

Today I am going to my first outpatient dialysis treatment. I am nervous not only about the procedure, but about the environment. When they called to confirm my appointment yesterday, I asked a million questions just to make sure I knew what to do. I forgot to ask what to wear! I don't know if they will have me in a gown, or keep me in my same clothes. I have a catheter in my chest, and I am unsure how they will access it. I am going anyway and am wearing what I want, and we'll just see if I made a mistake or not!

What irrational fears do you have? Leave a comment here on the blog and we'll all see that we are not alone!

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