Friday, January 28, 2011

Why Me? Why NOT Me?

There is something brewing in my family right now. It's a BIG deal, and I can't talk about it yet. I was thinking about it though, and my first thought was "why us?" My family has been through so much and to think that we have yet ANOTHER issue to face is a bit daunting.

I have often said, "why me?" in my lifetime. Let's think about it, I have had many traumas in my life. My parents divorced, I suffered through child abuse, I struggled with self-esteem, I developed and fought an eating disorder and my health right now is quite frankly, horrible. I have been through a lot, and in my situation, who wouldn't wonder, "Why me?"

But, "why NOT me?" Am I anyone special that I should not have tragedy touch me? Is someone else more deserving of pain? The simple answer is, no. Sure, things suck at times and I just get to feeling sorry for myself, but I am not alone in my pain and suffering. There are millions of people out there facing things much worse than I ever have. They go through their daily lives trying to find the same answers I am. I feel their pain and understand that it can be overwhelming.

I may never know in this lifetime why I have been through what I have, but I am okay with that. I will work with what I have and do my best to help others that face the same issues anyway. I will take my lemons and turn them into lemonade and never give up the fight to stay positive and make a difference.


  1. I think as Christians, when we go through trials, it is our chance to be a witness to the world. Like with your friend and her son who was beaten. It was amazing all the positive comments on the newspaper article. Yet, if they had been bitter and angry, it would have been just another story in the newspaper. Everyone would expect that out of them. Yet, they were able to bring honor to God in their trial. Praying for you guys!

  2. You are so right. I choose to believe that God has a plan, and that as a Christian I am part of that plan. He does not desire pain for me, but allows it to happen so that I may learn from it and use those experiences to help others.