Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I have been making jewelry for a very long time. I love it.

I have decided to start selling it. Please feel free to visit my Etsy Shop to see the ones I have offered. You can also contact me via email  , to order custom bracelets. The ones that I have already made are $10each, custom are $15.

I have been put in a position that I need to find a way to make some money. I would love to be able to be self-reliant, and right now this is a small step in that direction!

"Find something you love, find a way to make money doing it and you will never work a day again!"

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Moving On

When my husband said he was leaving, he said it was time for him to "move on." I didn't understand, and still don't totally understand, but I had to accept it. I really didn't have a choice, the only other option was to continue screaming and crying. Which I did a lot of. I loved him, and still do, but I have learned that it is now time for me to "move on" as well. It is not something I would have chosen, but it is the healthiest thing for me to do now.

I am actually starting to love my life again. I can now do what I want without having to ask someone else's opinion. I can choose to spend the day in my pajamas or save the dishes for tomorrow without feeling like I am letting someone down. (not that he was saying it, I was the one feeling it)

I have wanted to go back to Ohio to visit my family, and because he had another commitment, I had to miss a trip last year. Not this year, I am going back to a camp reunion and to see my mom, sister and brothers. 

It is time for him to live the life he has always wanted, and for me to do so as well. 

Our marriage produced two beautiful children and a friendship that I think will last a lifetime. It won't be the same, but I know that if I were in trouble, he would be there. There is no reason for us to fight, because we are both "moving on."