Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I am going home today. 


I really hate being in the hospital. I don't know many that love it, but I am sure there are some. I have had excellent care from my nursing staff, and my room was AMAZING for a hospital room, but I want to be home where I can be on my own schedule. It is hard to sleep when people are coming in at all hours to check my vitals or draw blood. I'm ready.

I will be making some major adjustments to my life when I return home and I am very nervous about that though. I will be having outpatient Dialysis treatments 3 times a week. I will be on a very strict diet that has very limited options. I will be checking on other resources for my care, and trying to weigh the best treatment plan.

A lot of this is like being discharged from the eating disorder units I have been in in the past. I must make doctor appointments, a diet plan, a relapse prevention plan as well as keep my support system informed. 

I feel strong and ready to conquer it all. Today is a new day and I am really excited about the possibilities out there for me!

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