Sunday, May 23, 2010


I have been hurt a lot in my life. Who hasn't? If we let people in and open our hearts, we risk being hurt. It is worth it. Love is an amazing emotion and can do great things, and not letting someone in because you are afraid of being hurt is such a travesty.

At those times of pain though you have to learn to either let go or fight for the love. Measuring the love against the hurt feelings. Forgiveness is not for the other person's benefit, but for your own. Letting go of hurt, anger, frustration and all of those other painful feelings will lead you to love again. It may not be with the person you were hurt by, but it may be.

I used to believe that love conquered all. I thought that all you had to do to be happy was to love and be loved. I still believe that, but with a touch of skepticism.

I don't believe that all of those sappy romantic comedies and love stories that I watch is the way things go. I don't think that you can suddenly find someone and he/she fixes everything. Our responsibility is to fix ourselves and THEN let love in. Then we are fully capable of loving and being loved.

It all begins with loving one's self. You are not fully capable of loving someone else without loving and accepting yourself. When you can let go of the hate and loathing of your hair, your weight, your smile, etc. you can let the love you feel for yourself spill over onto another person.

Go out and love yourself! Love your friends! Love your children! Love your partner!

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