Saturday, June 26, 2010

Facing Hurdles

I am not a runner, never have been very good at it. I am actually quite klutzy and the thought of doing hurdles scares me very much!

This metaphor of what I feel like has been happening, is perfect. I imagine each new situation as a hurdle that I must get over. Sometimes I run at full speed and sail over them, other times I slow down and climb over it with caution, and still other times I trip and fall and have to go back and try again.

I have had two surgeries in the past 3 months and am facing a third next week. I have had diagnoses that have scared me and I thought I couldn't handle. I have had personal issues come at me from every direction. I have 2 sons that have had medical problems this year. I have lost my job.

All of these hurdles have popped up on the race I call life.

I will keep running, I will keep leaping, I will keep stumbling, but I will keep getting back up and trying again.

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