Sunday, February 6, 2011

Playin' Games

I like to play games online, mostly silly little puzzle games. Yesterday my son asked me if I wanted to play Scrabble online, and I decided to go ahead. It has been fun teasing back and forth and just having fun. I have a tendency to to be very competitive, so I don't usually play games with other people online. I don't want them to see my "dark side." I gave up all of those farming games because they took up too much of my time as I tried to be better than everyone else.

That is how it is with eating disorders. They are very competitive. Often girls will go on a "diet" together, and suddenly the competition comes out in them. They think they are encouraging each other, and maybe in the beginning they are, but it can change. The fun and games of "I lost 3 pounds this week," and "I ran 5 miles today," becomes an obsession. It can turn dangerous very quickly. It also happens in inpatient programs at hospitals or in group therapy sessions. That is why it is VERY important that a professional is there to keep everyone from using trigger words or statements and to divert the conversation if it becomes all about weight.

Group therapy works wonders, it did a lot for me. If for no other reason than I felt like I wasn't a freak of nature, because there were others like me. It also helps to get someone else's perspective on your situation, to have someone hold that mirror up to you and make you see what you have been missing. I just want to really encourage you if you are battling an eating disorder, to seek professional help.

Sometimes it is good to play my games alone, and other times it is great to play with a friend (or a son).

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