Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Feeling a Bit...meh

Today I am feeling a bit, well...meh. That's what my teenagers say when they when they just feel not good, not bad, just "meh."

I had an unexpected surgery yesterday and I thought I would be back on my feet and working right away, but I guess not.

I am taking a bit longer to heal than I like.

I want to do something! When I am stressed out I go on cleaning sprees, and I can't do that.

When I feel out of control, I get obsessed with food, and I WON'T do that.

When I don't feel good I get cranky, and it just isn't fair to do that.

So, I will do as I am told, and rest. I will lie around and watch TV, read magazines, and sip champagne...well not that last part.

When we are going full speed ahead and don't slow down, God finds a way to MAKE us slow down! It is time to take complete care of myself and not stress out about things I cannot control. I am going to make some brownies though for Austin's play this weekend. That will be nice. I can do that and still relax!

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