Sunday, November 8, 2009

Enjoying What My Body Can Do

Instead of focusing on what I do not like about my body right now, I am choosing to focus on what it is that my body allows me to do. I have many limitations right now, but there is so much more than running or hiking that I can do.

I can smell the autumn air and feel the crisp coolness of the breeze on my skin. These moments are limited here in Florida, so I enjoy them when they come. I love the autumnal smells, leaves, wood fires, apples, pumpkins. I love the memories that fall brings to mind, hay rides, bonfires, cider, pumpkin bars and soft warm sweaters.

I can hug my children and husband. I can hold them in my arms and feel their arms around me. That feeling cannot be beat, the warmth, the love that I feel in their presence is immense and overwhelming at times. I tear up thinking about how much I love them and how much they love me. Love, the perfect gift!

I can pet my dogs, feel their soft fur under my hand. Tickle their bellies and watch them roll around in excitement and love. I never thought I would be a dog person, but those two have my heart!

I can feel the warmth of a soft blanket fresh from the dryer! Letting myself get lost in the fluffy warmth that gets me all toasty inside!

These are simple things, but they were almost ripped away from me by this eating disorder. I am so blessed to have sought treatment and got the help I needed. I know that the journey isn't always easy, but remembering the simple pleasures of life helps me get through the hard times!


  1. what a beautiful piece of writing- and a beautiful positive look at the wonders of life. this made my night- reminded me of thoughts of things that I love to feel as well...

  2. I'm happy that I rate higher than the dogs.

  3. what beautiful words from a beautiful person inside and out. you are so inspiring! love you

  4. Thank you for the kind comments Betsy and Irene! As for Mr. "Anonymous" I do love you!