Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Banishing Negative Thoughts

I decided when writing this blog that I would not be negative, that I would post all of the positive things happening in my life. I would tell you about how I have overcome so many obstacles to being well. I would "banish all negative thoughts."

It is not easy to do that, and to be totally honest, it is
really difficult right now. I am going through a lot at this time, physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. I am using all of the great coping skills I learned in my recovery process. Both in-patient and out-patient therapies. But I will not lie to you, it is still tough.

I have found this technique helpful as I try to live a life full of positive thoughts and healthy habits.

Challenge Yourself for: 24 Hours

Today, use this simple technique for quieting your negative thoughts. Choose a poem or prayer from one of your favorite books and spend a little time memorizing it. The next time you hear your inner critic, banish the negativity by repeating your favorite poem (or affirmation) instead.

This is one of my affirmations that I like to repeat to myself when I am feeling especially negative

"Every day I choose to let go of a little more negativity, so that I may trust in the goodness of life."


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