Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sleep is Good

It is amazing what a few nights of good, restful sleep can do for a person's spirit and mood.

I KNEW that getting a good night's sleep was crucial to one's overall health, but it eluded me.
I have seen it in magazines, heard it spoken about on the radio and watched countless stories about it on television.

I would try to go to sleep early and lie awake for hours crying that I was so tired and couldn't fall asleep. Or I would fall right to sleep and be awake 3 hours later and up for the rest of the night.

I couldn't seem to get it right. I tried everything "they" told me too. No naps during the day, no caffeine after 2:00 PM, total darkness in my bedroom, a warm bath (not too hot, not too cool), chamomile tea, warm milk, whatever I tried it did NOT work. Nothing could slow my mind in its racing thoughts, not listening to the sounds of the sea or Enya's crooning. Nothing could stop the worry, not counting sheep or backwards from 100.

I was "Sleepless in Orlando." (Or Lincoln, or St. Joseph, or Fredericktown, or Mt. Vernon for that matter).

When I am in the throws of a horrible depression, sleep is one of the things that seems unattainable. That is except during the daytime, because then I just could sleep the days away, huddled up in my little cocoon. That dark place takes one of the most nourishing things from me and makes it ugly.

But, now that I have admitted I am depressed and started on some medication, I have been sleeping like a child. Matt even recognized it. He said that he could have come in and painted all over my face and I wouldn't have noticed, and he was so happy. He knew how miserably tired I have been and that sleeping at night would be such a huge relief.

Now I can enjoy my days, AND my nights! Have a great day my readers!

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