Monday, February 22, 2010


I have a confession to make, or more appropriately, an admission.

I am in the throws of a major depression. This is requiring me to go back into counseling and seek help through medication.

This does not mean I am a failure or that I am weak. The fact that I can admit it before it gets to the point that I am a complete recluse, lying in my bed all day and not taking care of myself, only shows that I am strong.

I have tried to make this blog totally positive and I try not to dwell on the ugly, sad truth that is my on-going battle with Edith. I am much stronger than her, yet she has a pull that is hard to resist. I don't always win the battles, but I am most definitely winning the war.

Just a warning that things may get ugly from here on out, as I am not going to censor myself anymore.

I probably won't write for a few days as I am dealing with some big family stuff.

I will be back and am prepared to share my entire story and to lay it all on the line. My husband said something that made me think the other day as I was lying in the hospital from another bout of Diabetic Ketoacidosis. It was that people really needed to see the real me, not the super upbeat-fake version of me. Other people are suffering today, and they feel as alone as I do. So here goes...

Let's take this journey together and beat those crappy eating disorders and depressions into submission!

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