Saturday, January 19, 2013

Anxiety vs. Peace

I feel like I am in a constant battle between anxiety and peace. It alternates which one wins out, but the battle is always there. I have been trying to work on my book, but as I delve into subjects that are too painful the anxiety wins out. If I am peaceful, I don't want to go into those "dark" places and in essence re-live the pain. I have a few tools in my arsenal against anxiety and they are:

  • Deep, cleansing breaths
  • Staying in the moment and being aware of my surroundings
  • Finding something soft to touch
  • Listening to fun dance music (not peaceful, but it makes me happy)
  • Sitting outside and enjoying nature

They seem like such simple tasks, but they usually work well.

I will admit that sometimes nothing works, so I go to my Chumba Wumba tape inside my head and I...

"Get knocked down,
 But I get up again
 You're never gonna' keep me down!"

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