Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Digging around inside of my soul can often be painful. It can also be very rewarding.

I have a few things that have been on my mind lately and I am going to share them with you.

  • The world does not revolve around me.
    • I sometimes have a feeling that everything is happening "TO" me. The statements, "why me?" and "poor me" become constant in my mind. I try to push these thoughts away and to be positive. It can be very difficult to let go though. 
    • I have found that focusing on others helps me get my mind off of myself. There are others that are worse off and need my attention and prayers. By volunteering, sharing myself and helping to shoulder other's burdens, I move the focus from me to others. This is a much healthier state of mind and makes me feel like a more well-rounded person.
  • I am stronger than I thought I was.
    • I had thought that I could handle anything and then this year happened. I thought the world was crashing around me.I have been hit on every front, financially, spiritually, my family, my health. It never seems to end.
    • With each new challenge I feel like I am going to not survive it. I feel out of control and I don't know what to do next, but if I reach down deep, I find the strength to muscle through. I find friends I can rely on, a faith that gets me through and the courage to go on. 
  • There is fun to be had.
    • Even when things seem unbearable and tears are on the verge of spilling out, I can find ways to have fun. I laugh with my friends, letting loose and making light of my situation. I go on walks (well, I actually roll along in my chair) with my boys and talk about their lives. I find joy in my husband's success and the love he shows me. I count my blessings and they far outweigh my troubles. 
I spend 31 days in the hospital recently and it was a great time of reflection. I pray that you find some inspiration from this blog and a reason to celebrate the blessings in your life.


  1. Well, this was definitly a long waited post. I have been interested to see what the next one was going to be and I come to find that this one was very thought provoking. It demands a self analyzation from anyone who reads it. Thank you! I missed your blog. I hope you are now feeling better.I miss you very much. And I truely pray to Jehovah God that I can come visit soon. Sometimes it would be nice just to be able to hang out with my Uncle, cousins, and Uncle Rachel! Love you. Big Hugs and Lots of love!

  2. Thanks hon. I really have been battling through some tough times. I know others are too and my hope is that my struggles will help others along the way