Sunday, March 14, 2010


I feel very lonely right now. There is no rhyme or reason for it. I have friends that would love to talk with me and hang out. I have a great group of co-workers, and I have a fabulous family. But I sort of feel like I am drowning in the loneliness. I try to talk things out with people, and to journal about the irrationality of it, but it is just not going away as easily as I'd like it to.

It is so hard to talk about my feelings when I don't know anyone that is dealing with these issues.

Then again, maybe I do. Are you suffering? Do you feel alone in a room full of people?

There are some great things that have come about in the last 20 or so years. The internet has obviously changed everyone's lives. I have re-connected with people from West Elementary School, Mt. Vernon Middle and High Schools, and the Knox County JVS as well as Mt. Vernon Nazarene COLLEGE (yes I still say College ;)). Not to mention friends from Missouri and Nebraska. The internet has brought new people into my life, people that I went to school with but barely knew. These people now are some of my biggest supporters.

I think it is time to take advantage of the internet. By sharing our stories and struggles, we can lighten each others' burdens. I would love to make this blog more interactive.

I am still trying to get an appointment with a doctor to really work on this loneliness, but would love to start a dialogue with you, my readers.

If you are not following my blog or following me on Twitter, go ahead and do so! I would love to see what kind of community we can get going!


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